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About Us

Paymee is a digital marketplace where you can create, publish and sell fitbit watchfaces and apps, bundles and other digital content. Whether you're starting a business or want to integrate a new payment solution, Paymee fits all of your needs so you can start selling in minutes after registration.

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Create digital content using the Paymee Studio.
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Publish your digital creations to the Paymee Store.
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Get paid using Paypal, Credit Cards and Crypto Currency.
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Fitbit Payments

Fitbit enables developers to create applications and watchfaces for their devices.
These apps can be monetized using Paymee as a payment solution.

Create Digital Content

1. Create Product

You need to have your application ready when you create a new product in the Paymee Dashboard.
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2. Embed Code

After creating a new product you will be able to download all the files needed to integrate.
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3. Application Lock

To be able to use the application, users will need to scan a QR code or access a link to make the payment.
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Paymee Store

Paymee Store is a digital marketplace where you can find Fitbit Watchfaces and Applications.
Start publishing and start getting paid for your work!

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All payments are processed through PayPal, over a secure connection.
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Stop waiting for the monthly payment and get paid instantly.
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Analyze and monitor sales using the Paymee dashboard.
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For more details or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us on:
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NOTICE: Paymee can not issue any refunds, as we do not hold or store anyone's money!
For refunds, please contact the developer directly or open a dispute in Paypal.