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What is Paymee?

Paymee is a digital marketplace, a place where you can create/buy/sell digital goods.
Paymee provides a library for Fitbit, to enable developers to get paid for their applications and watchfaces.

How can I get paid?

You only need to register and add a new product, then it will be available to purchase via link, personal store or in the Paymee Store.
You will need to have a PayPal Business Account so you can get paid directly by your clients.

How do I integrate with Fitbit?

You will need to download this library, extract the folders into your application,
and update the Product Id from your Dashboard.
It should take less than 5 minutes to complete the integration process.

For full documentation, see the readme.txt file from the downloaded archive or check the github project here: https://github.com/paymee-io/fitbit-integration.

How can I purchase a Fitbit Application or Watchface?

Simply scan the QR code, or access the link that is displayed on the screen and proceed with the payment.

What is Paymee Store?

Paymee Store is a digital marketplace where your products can be found and purchased directly by customers.

What are the taxes?

Paymee itself is a free service for the moment. PayPal takes its cut for each payment.
For more details on Paypal taxes, see Paypal Micropayments Fees.

Does Paymee holds my money?

No, we do not hold anyone's money. You will manage your income using your PayPal account.

Can I get a refund?

You will need to contact the product owner as he is the only one that has access to give refunds. Paymee itself can't refund anyone.

I paid for the product and it's not yet active

In case you did not click "Return to merchant" after paying,
please contact the product owner and ask him to activate the product.

I already paid for the product

In case you already purchased a product and want to re-activate it,
submit your email address on the payment page and it will get activated automatically.


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